Thursday, September 26, 2002

So yesterday morning on the way to work I realised something.... aren't cars ugly? I mean motorbikes are uber-sexy. Buses are practical. Trains are just plain marvellous. But cars? They smell. They are noisy. People lock themselves up in them to avoid any sort of real world interaction. They are 'orrible.

I "came out" to Stacey and Reena. It wasn't a secret or anything but the subject had never come up. SO when Stacey asked if I had a girlfriend I simply said... "No, I'm gay". Will see what repucussions there are on Friday, as have day off today ( why am I up THIS early then?!)

At break I talked with sexy Dutch guy. Note: his parents are Dutch but he has a perfect English accent (one of those drollsome highly sexy posh ones). Also I realised just how wonderful his eyes and his smile are. He must have girls literally falling over each other to get in his bed! Oh I could easily fall in love with him. If he smiles at me once more I may just. He is wet your pants sexy, the kind of guy any fool would marry.

My cold has only got worse... my throat is really hurting....

We call centre agents have picked up on something. Lots of soldiers have been getting their cars back to the UK. Some have told us to watch the news today for a big announcement. Joy, (that is sarcasm by the way I have no real want for a war) looks like we may definetly being going to war. Now Mister Blair, remember make sure Parliament gets a vote. We still live in a democracy you know!

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