Tuesday, September 17, 2002

And The There Were 2.

That is what a rather downcast Emily scribbled on my pad today at work. :o( All us temps were rather downcast. We liked Ben. And who will be next?

I will miss Ben. All the other gay men I have known I have either been going out with or are friends of people I have been going out with. Ben was just a work mate, and I loved that. Now he is gone, and work won't be the same again.

Yesterday only got worse, as my finances continue to unravel and I made several social faux pas.

So won't dwell on it. Instead..... check out this interesting idea...... here Found at Emily Dubberley

And Saddam has made a concession.... see here Now when he breaks this agreement (and he will) we can legitimatly go in and take him out. Hopefully the US will set up a democracy and not their usual mess.

Another Folkestone person?..... here

And oh my God who remembers this picture of a certain person we all know?..... here Can you guess who it is yet?

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