Wednesday, September 11, 2002

OK, I have just got a nasty letter from debt company. Don't worry can sort it, just. BUT..... I will not be able to go out next week. So to all my real life mates, I shan't be able to go out on any trips that involve.... money. I will not borrow money from you either. So I will be here at home should you need me. And if you go around each others houses I will come, as long as money is strictly not involved. Okay?

Today went spiffingly (word of the week!) and realised how really, really cute cute new guy is. Toby is so last week!! I know I am fickle.... but it isn't like I will ever get with these blokes (bad memories of Claire's avoiding committment comment spring to mind!!

Security warnings everywhere at work, held a six minute silence (well one minute plus another 5 minute phone silence.)

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