Saturday, September 14, 2002

Ever since I started work, it would seem, ben and Emily have been telling everyone I am gay, forgetting to mention Ben was too. It was rather disconcerting to discover this today. Not a bad thing just like "Huh, am I THAT obvious?" kind of thing. Seems Toby looks like a scared deer all the time as he has been warned I am a bit of a sex crazed bloke..... this rep is really bad!!

Very quiet on the phones today so me and Reena spent time discussing The Sign, which she saw last night. Says it is very good.
Had lunch with ben and random long haired bod. They both insinuated I was a slut. Hmmmmmm...... I tell you I am innocent!! I am so not a slut. Honest. :o(

Right shan't dwell on house move. Shall do my best to forget as it is just making me unhappy. I have already begun to fall back into my fantasy land, my minds safe haven. So I will remain unhappy but will try to find something to cheer myself up, which brings me back to my sugar daddy plea! Oh and John when pretending to be MT try not using your email address!! :o)

I hate living here, so horrible. Have discovered amazing mathematical equation: depression + lonliness = very horny jae.

Am I the only one who enjoys getting random searches directing to my site!!

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