Wednesday, September 18, 2002

In a bad mood still... so let's focus on some funny things....

We all remember Stephen don't we? You know... my ex? Well in a bizarre "ain't it a small world?" type thing it has come to my attention that Pete's dad has him on his MSN friends list. Hmmmmm..... how freaky!

At work I had lunch with Suzanne/a, who I think I scared (in the best possible way). We were talking about the two new blokes.. sexy Dutch bloke and Terry, MT's mate. She was amazed I know so much about them (had been using my detective skills). The Dutch blokes name is Bas.. etc.

So the conversation turned to MT, as an example of my brilliant detective skills. She looked at me in shock and fear as I recited what I know of him. Then she goes... "Is that Andy's brother?".... "Yes" I scream excitedly..... "Oh I live round the corner from them then."

As you can imagine my jaw dropped open... "Oh you do, do you? So where do you live?"

She laughed, then slowly stopped as she realised I wasn't joking..... "You're serious aren't you?!"

Anyway shall find out where MT lives... it is only a matter of time.... God I scare myself sometimes.....

In a cheerful incident was randomly given choccy donut at work.... yum!

And Pete I am so not the loudest person you know.... I mean there is..... and...... bugger....

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