Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Firstly I must apologise for the comments, they seem to randomly appear, disappear, and reappear again. This is beyond my control, I think, so bear with it.

Secondly..... Happy 20th Birthday Claire!!!!!

So got a taxi with Pete into town, had no money, and we went in Spoons. I do believe we have struck up a friendship with one of the barmen!! So got a drink, went upstairs, was joined by Elliot and John, then by Claire and her friends Heli and Alex (last seen here). Ben soon turned up. I was not drunk, and after much scaring of poor Ben, Heli and Alex, we moved on to the club. To find it closed. It was v. embarassing. grrr......

Anyway this made me very annoyed. I walk Ben back to the taxi rink, where he said Claire was cool and he liked John, but hated Pete. And I apologised like a hundred times for the night. Did other stuff.... went to Leas Club, went to Claires house, walked home, and Elliot and John stayed over.

Anyway am in bad mood with self........ NB Jason don't go clubbing, or invite Ben, or do anything. OK?

Listening to Shaven Haven.

Claire said something to me last night. She told me I was avoiding commitment and emotional involvement by only fancying those blokes who are completely unattainable.... MT for instance. I don't think she quite understands me very well........ what kind of scary guy could become emotionally involved with me? Stephen, quite possibly. I am all up for it, just I don't believe other blokes would be with me. I am just too weird.

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