Monday, September 23, 2002

It has come to my attention from reading weblogs of late, that many gay men are unhappy being gay. One (and I shan't be linking to them as I don't wish to!) said "If I could take a pill to make me straight I would."

Basically I don't want you straight people getting all confuzzled, and thinking this is normal. I am perfectly happy to be gay. I have never had problem with it. Sure I have had problems telling others, but I LOVE being gay. It is my one source of consistent happiness.

Anyone who ever suggests that being straight is better than being gay, you need you head examined. I wish that these "Wannabe straights" would shut up. It isn't a choice to be gay, but you can choose to repress those feelings (and be miserable). SO DO IT. Stop talking about it and do it.

Leave us people who are happy to be ourselves alone!

Now talking about being happy about being gay........ work in a minute...... mmmmmm cute Dutch guy!

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