Saturday, June 01, 2002

A Travesty of Justice

“Would all housemates please gather on the sofas immediately.” – Davina

Fine so far, the housemates look cocky. After informing Jade and Lynne they had been nominated they were sent away. The others were informed they had three minutes to evict one of them. PJ, Lee and Jonny’s cocky expressions disappeared immediately!!

But here is where it all went wrong, Lynne, a lady who tells it as it is, was evicted. Fine I thought the housemates have spoken. But then the crowd went mad. They booed poor Lynne, a display so vile it has not been seen before. Sure there has been booing but never this much. Lynne’s crime….. she once, while drunk, told Spencer he was a bit cocksure. Davina was not happy telling Lynne she would be fine and giving the crowd the evils and not being very nice to some fence jumpers. .

I love Lynne, confident, unafraid of confrontation but apologetic. I think Spencer had a soft spot too….

Adele is bisexual and has a girlfriend. Lee says its fine with him. He says Adele makes him feel far better than anyone before.

It is my reckoning that a new housemate should arrive today to replace Sunita. Both Claire (Nasty Nick’s replacement), and Josh have arrived on Saturdays. It really scares me that I know that….

I believe the housemates will not nominate Jade but Alex and he will be evicted. He is a freak, annoying me no end. And as I have told Laura he is so far in the closet he is in f***ing Narnia. Dom Joly (from Trigger Happy TV) was EVIL to Alex’s dad yesterday on BBLB (Dom Joly is not addicted he only watches 18 hours a day!!!)

Sorry if I don’t reply to your comments, between reading my fav blogs and emails I don’t have time due to the ban. But I do read them!! That poll may be there for some time as I don’t have the time to make and publish a new one.

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