Monday, June 24, 2002

Hands up. Who likes their job?

Last night was dragged out last night wearing, shock horror, shorts. Went with Chris, Zoe and Pete to Pete's dads house, Macdonalds, a park, Hythe Canal, Pete's mums house (watched crystal maze). Yet another surreal night.

Work again today (really nice sunny day) and in exciting news I have been assigned a team (Jenny and some French lady surpervising) for next week and I have my first weeks shifts (early on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday).

Learnt about insurance and amendments today. I had to buddy up with a guy named Jeremy today and do all the typing during the calls. Him being cute, gay and Australian made it very hard to concentrate. As Lynn got my chair she warned me the back was loose and I shouldn't lean back in case "you end up with your legs in the air". This caused Ben so much amusement that even two hours later he was still giggling about it!!

Tracey, agancy lady, came round as she is interviewing more temps and told me off (in a jokey way!!) for being a "miserable old bastard" as I didn't acknowledge her waving to me last Wednesday when she did her rounds. I just did the "ooh err" handbags at dawn symbol and she laughed.

Becky is "annoyed". Sarcastically of course as she has the same shifts as me and we are in the same team!! By the end of this week my group will split up to join their teams and we all agree it will be a sad day.

I went to Leas Club for lunch in Kat's car. And no Karen I really don't watch BB3 anymore. It is rubbish.

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