Sunday, June 09, 2002

A Piece of My Mind

Instead of telling you how I feel today I think I shall give you my feelings in the form of pieces of advice.

1) Never make a 6'8" bloke angry. Big mistake.

2) Never fall in love with a straight bloke when you are gay. Ouch, does it hurt. I did it yesterday with a long term family friend, who is an obsessed cyclist (what is it about me and cyclists?)

2b) Never fall in love with a number of straight blokes over the course of 4 years ensurng you go slowly round the bend.

3) Keep smiling.

Very boring night last night. If I have to move from a pub within an hour of arrival again I may go mad. Saw Natalie and her sister the other day (Hi you two!!)

BREAKING NEWS Saw Mr. Singh!! He is willingly to go to court against Mr. Lambert on my behalf to ensure I recieve my £652!!! Isn't he a true gent?

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