Sunday, June 23, 2002


So I am single!! Woohoo!! But having dumped Stephen it means I now have a grand total of 0 gay friends left. I know I shouldn't care but isn't it nice sometimes to have someone on your own wave length to talk to? Having Ben at work has made me appreciate it even more. Need to get more gay friends (where the last ones all went I don't know).

I went out last night with Pete, John, Chris, Zoe, Laura, Chris (G), Smiley Laura, and Adam. I drank a large portion of a bottle of Jack Daniels (never a good idea!!), and paid the price all night being drunk, with a pair of really awful beer googles. The security guard at the Leas club was nice wasn't he?? They all went down Indigo with my free tickets. I really didn't feel like going.

I did see Mat (and that is how he spells it) from work at the Leas. Said hi.

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