Monday, June 17, 2002

A Little Adventure and A New Job

Firstly I issue a retraction of my spelling "Scibble Do" it is actually spelt "SkibbleDu" although pronounced how I wrote it.

Last night Pete phoned and asked if I wanted to go on a little adventure with him. We headed towards Safeways until I pointed out it was closed, a subsequent speedy direction change brought us to Lynwood, The Six Former territory. Here we meet a group of children. "Hi Pete" said one. "Do I know you?" says Pete. "Yes we are Tony's kids, your cousins". My mind boogles that Pete doesn't recognise his cousins. Anyway they turned into our guides (although I knew the way!!)

We made it to Sainsburys where we hoped to see a petrol station being knocked down. Sadly news of said destruction had been wrong. After a stern "We are closed from one of Chris' collegues we headed firstly for McDonalds, then for Zoe. She gave us a lift to the seafront where we saw a rehearsal for a play at the amphitheatre, went to the beach and had a nice little car crash. Returning to Sainsburys in the faint hope of Chris having finished Zoe did some rollerblading in the car park. Another surreal night out.

Today has been brilliant. Work has been great. I am training with Ben (more of him later), Emily (lovely girl), Kat (hilarious and sassy), Dave (the daddy of the group, literally he has a baby girl), Becky (cool), Fay (nice, intelligent, and quite) and Matt (distant). Our trainer is called Lynn.

I meet Ben and Becky outside the call centre where we chated about our previous life, then got let in. We had to sit through a safety video (yawn), do a safety tour of the building, and then travel to the terminal (I went in Emily's car) and get our security passes. I started to suspect that Ben was gay.

We were allowed to go shopping in the terminal where I visited Pete at WHSmith. Afterwards was lunch me, Emily and Ben in one car the others in another two, Matt disappeared. We went to Tesco's for lunch then Bar Vasa, where we bonded. On the way back Emily asked me if I had a girlfriend, I said "I may as well come out and say I have a boyfriend." Ben leaned forward, and in a highly camp voice said "So Have I!!"

Afterwards we spent the rest of the day in a lecture taking notes. It has been great. Although Tony has tried to get me down it hasn't worked!!

Visit Chris. See you all tomorrow.

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