Saturday, June 08, 2002

Hello All, Yet Another Missed Post

Right update time. Thursday night I went down to Gee's for band night with Adam, Peter and Sarah. Andy, The Barman, was not there. I stupidly had two Jack Daniels and Cokes (big mistake as always). The band (Black Cat Bone) smelt and after their first song they blew a fuse and band night was over early. So we moved on to the Rotunda where we met Chris. I was persuaded to go the Log Flume (something I haven't braved since the time when me and Jon Edgeworth went on it eleven times when we were 11). It was fun.

Friday I went to the Black Bull pub with Chris, his family and Sarah to watch England beat Argentina 1-0. A little later after a brief stop at Zoes house for pizza me, Zoe, Laura and Chris headed for Gee's. It was empty. We left for the Leas Club which was packed. A quick trip to rescue Sarah's cat (i.e. let it in) failed and a massive search for jaffa Cakes ensured (I admit this was one surreal night). Saw Zoe's mate Lauren in Tesco's where I also amazed everyone by getting 100% lost.

Spent today watching Touring Cars Championships. I love motor racing!!!

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