Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Carpet Monster

Well the last few days have been good. Nice and peaceful and fun. That is if I ignore my family, of course. But it has been nice.

Today a storm blew in bringing thunder and lightening plus loads of rain. Got a brand spanking new dark green (my favorite colour) carpet for my room today. Finally getting rid of those evil floorboards. I have spent the day reading my third book of the week (The Regulators by "Richard Bachman", that's Stephen King to you and me) and looking after the Twins (AKA evil brats from hell determined to have me admitted to a psychiatric ward).

Stephen phoned. His job in Heaven has fallen through so he might be home for the summer (so I can break up with him). Currently he is living with a 45 year old named Jim. Smells like a Houseboy to me, don't you think?

OK does anyone remember a cartoon of the early nineties about a school on a space station with a normal boy, some three mouthed girl, some flying alien who was always falling in love, and some really crazy cteachers. Any one know the name I think it was something like Space High.

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