Sunday, June 16, 2002

Scibble Do

Friday Pete, Chris, Zoe and I went to Gee's karoke. Through some bizarre coincidence, I had meet Pete's drinking mates in a kebab shop (which thrilled him no end). It was dull so we went to the Leas club and meet Sam. I quite liked it, we had seats, it was really lively, it was nice. But some of the others didn't so that is how on a Friday night we found ourselves playing, and I am not joking, Stuck In The Mud. Needless to say there have been better nights.

Saturday I took George to the barbers for his haircut, watched Trooping the Colour, then I meet John, Elliot, Chris, Zoe, and Pete at the Black Bull pub to watch England (yes I am being "politically correct" to keep my "English" readers happy) thrash Denmark 3-0. OK so we watched the first half at the pub then we left Chris with his family and watched the second half at Zoe's house. During the game a lost seagull chick (who was just the cutest) wandered into the house and then wandered out again. Bless.

Peter then suggested we go on an "adventure" which turned out to be a trip to Claire's (Cla as she is sometimes known) house. It was lovely. Her mum fussed over us making pizza and chips and sharing her Southern Comfort. Claire was ill and kept coughing so Pete came up with a version of Bless You just for coughing. Scibble Do. Zoe and Chris joined us later to watch Princess Diaries (Lily rules). Thanks Claire for a lovely day.

I got home to discover my family had been taken away on one of the family buses (oh yes we have "family buses") to some family knees up or another. (I think it was Tony's grandads Platinum wedding anniversary or something.) Which gave me the house to myself well into the early morning. Joy.

Today I have pre-new job jitters and I went shopping at the "Tents" (Mac Arthur Designer Outlets). I love it there. Cute guys in nice clothes, good shops, loads of fun. I bought a giant Union flag while Mum and Debbie Debs bought Svengland (sic) flags

I have discovered I fancy far too many men. If you are:
a) a human male (definitely not negotiable),
b) alive, (ditto)
c) not a mate of mine,
d) not Stephen or Jon
e) have all your limbs in tact (this one could be negotiable) I probably fancy you

Chris I like the new look blog, can I link to it or what? Note I have changed back to my old comments design, its easier to see hyperlinks etc.

Good Luck Sam. Have fun counselling at Camp America!!

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