Thursday, June 06, 2002

I Have A Minute. Tell Me Everything You Know

Oh wow. I love my new carpet. It is great!!! My room feels more like home now.

Stephen phoned. The job maybe on after all. He has an interview tonight. I wished him good luck. He ranted about how terrible his life was. I ranted about how bad mine was. Mutual healing ensured. Discussed my birthday (18th of June. Mark those diaries!!), my present (I am guessing it will be rather dirty or some more jewellry [I lost my fav neckchain he gave me!!]) and how he might visit to "celebrate" it. "Cheers for the present, Steve. Oh by the way you are dumped. Sorry"

Was going to rant about heterosexuality and the League of Castrati but that can wait 'til tomorrow as I have very little time.

See you all tomorrow my dears!!

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