Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Going Live

I became the first person in my group to handle a call!! I went live!! 9 calls to my name now (my first was an upgrade to Club Class WooHoo!!). New temps start training tomorrow so it won't be long before we must fly the nest.

We also had a test on the MARCUS computer system. Hope I did well. Went to Leas for lunch, on the way Fay stopped to get fuel so me and Ben had some time to chat "gay". We discussed how having gay friends is different to straight mates, our various trips to G.A.Y, and his rugby playing boyfriend. His life is like a fairy tale. dreams do come true.

I was buddied up with a German girl named Steph who forced me to take calls and told me how everyone was chatting about me at lunch. Grr........

Tonight was great. John, Elliot, Chris, Zoe, Pete and I went to Brookhill Country Park and had a BBQ. Zoe cooked and it was fun!! We had the whole place to ourselves. Thanks guys. Muchos gracias.

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