Monday, June 10, 2002

I Am Just A Little Girl

"'Cos I am just a little girl, you see,
But there is a hell of a lot more to me,
Don't ever underestimate, what I can do,
Don't ever tell me what I'm meant to be"

"Just A Little Girl" Amy Studt

Firstly I have had a little bit of a revelation yesterday. You know I can often be self-pitying, self-absorbed and downright selfish? Well the depression that has been on me for the last couple of weeks has done something odd. Instead of lifting it has morphed into a kind of deep set anger. The dark cloud has lifted to reveal a red haze, if you will.

It is not really anger. it is more a kind of energy that has given me the hard push I need to move on in my life. Good bye Old Jason with all your emotional hang ups and laziness. Hello New and Improved Jason, who is filled with a renewed wonder for the world.

Big Brother Update

So Alison left on Friday, claiming that Alex was a "fairy" (what ever could she mean? :o) ). Then on Saturday the house was split into a rich side (big food budget, hot water, access to personal items) and a poor side (no budget, cold outside shower, no access to personal belongings) by glass bars for the remainder of Big Brother (each week anew task will decided where each housemate goes.. By virtue of a task Spencer, Adele, the Snow Queen, Jade, and PJ (the most boring person since Baroness Young) are the unlucky "poor". On the rich side Sandy (the arch planner, who now is thinking of walking), Lee, Sophie, Jonny, and Kate (the "House Whore").

While Sandy schemes and plots with Adele and Alex, Lee is chasing Sophie (literally as well as emotionally), and Kate is being a right whore simply to make friends.

Who exactly searched for the following at Google?

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