Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Another Day At The Office

Last night I went to the cinema to see Spiderman with Pete, Zoe, Chris, and John. Chris and Zoe bought me Dreamcathers by Stephen King and Sarah bought me a Tops Of The Pops CD. Thank you guys. Pete being his usual self bought me a Fathers day card (with the words fathers scribbled out) and a lump of rock that has those purple crystals on it (I've got a piece already). Thanks Pete.

I didn't like the movie. I arrived for work at the same time as Ben and we had a discussion on the relative merits of Tobey (sic) Maguire in tight clothing. The morning was occupied with more learning plus my first test (General Knowledge Level 1). People don't realise that Eurotunnel call centre staff are supposed to know everything. Everyone except Mat (who goes home) went to lunch at Bar Vasa. On the way back in Fay's car I heard Emily and ben (who are getting to be very close) whispering. Enquiring as to what about, I was told they were discussing the fact that I never properly walk home with Ben (I am always a couple of hundred metres in front of him and he can't catch me up). So I apologised and promised to always walk home with him.

In the afternoon it was back on the phones with John. He always spends his time watching the Eurotunnel web cameras. We got a funny phone call about watching the football on Friday. After much searching we discover the Terminal wil have a giant TV screen putting the customer at ease (the sad football obsessed freak).

I did wait for Ben with Becky after work but he didn't show, which upset me a little more than it should. I mean in that I didn't get to walk home with him way, I wasn't annoyed that he didn't turn up. Intruiging.

Mum has gone away for two days so I am alone in this house with Tony and the kids. More incentive to enjoy work evenmore than I do now (and I love work!!!)

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