Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Good Luck Fay

Today at lunch time Fay and I left early to "go to Tesco's". As we drove there she told me that she was leaving for a new job at ABC Holidays call centre. It was quite a shock especially as this morning Emily had been talking about people who leave during training to Lynn. It's really quite sad as I like Fay, she is intelligent and good natured. I wish her luck in her new job. She was escorted out of the ETCC after lunch by Lynn. During afternoon break me, Ben and Emily (the non-smoking group) sat round the table starring at Fay's empty seat. :o(

New temps started today. They stole our table!! Will tell them off tomorrow. They need to know their place!!

We go officially live tomorrow, and will thus probably not be together on Friday. I doubt I will see much of Ben anymore so it really is time to find myself some gay friends. Time to go to Skuba, no?!

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