Monday, June 24, 2002

We Saw The Whole Of the Moon

Some apologies: Sorry to all those who thought I might go to 'Spoons tonight. But Zoe did ask me out before you so I kind of had to honour my agreement with her. Sorry guys.

I have just had one of those evenings that turn out to be so very unexpectedly nice. Chris, Zoe and I headed up to the East Cliff (that's near the martello towers and that great big pill box) and flew a kite, played some Snitch (a game involving a velcro ball and some velcro pads, work it out) and then went and got snacks at Sainsburys.

After that we headed for the White Cliffs of Dover and watched the ships sail in and out of port, complained as the view of France was far better from the East Cliff, and watched the red moon rise over France, spectacuarly quickly. Really peaceful and rather lovely. That was until a giant horse hornet attacked causing us to flee to the car (running, screaming like small children), which it dive bombed occassionally. A couple seemed to be doing some rather unsavoury things in the car next to us (no not actually next to us in Zoes car!!).

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