Saturday, June 29, 2002

Totally Fucked Up

So I am drunk right now. Oh yes, I went to skuba with pedro and that was fine. I got a little tipsy. ok so a lot tipsy. ty=hen becky, emily and ben arrivced and i was quite happy to see them., we all went to leas club, met johnny (with h, don't taslk to jon without h anymore), i went to loo where ben told me to look after him as straight blokes were around.

he informed me the girls had left for the club so we ran (with little regard for poor pete and john, sorry) to join them, i fell down hgole. got in club, ben didn't, he went home.

joined pete and john and we went beach (club) where ig ot bored and realised i was turning into "evil jason". I quickly left the club. i apologise to everyone. Evil jason took over and i remember throwing a couple of upstart rudies to the ground outsidre debenhams (they wanted fags i think). Became scary, people crossed road to avouid me. i am not in a good mood. in fact i feel like smashing things right now.

straights bore me, any help here? Can no longer bear straight places (no offence to my mates who i really like)

waiting for john, he is staying over.

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