Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Birthday Boy

I went out last night with Chris (that big enough for you?!), Sarah and Laura. Nice to see them as I haven't seen them in ages!! We went to 'Spoons for a drink and the others (Elliot, John, Zoe, Kim, andPete) arrived. Elliot, John and Kim were the first to give me a present and a card. The card was one with George from Rainbow on it and it sung "Happy Birthday". Cheesy!! I loved it!! My "gift" was a Gamecube box. That is, a cardboard box. Thanks guys (I think).

So today I am 19. The last teenage year of my life. :o( But I am happy. So what presents did I get? Some arty pics based on album covers (Marilyn Manson, Placebo and Foo Fighters), a New York Yankees baseball cap (I support the Red Sox!!), a Ben Sherman shirt (its really, really horrible tho), some new shoes, Stephen bought me a designer rucksack (which I love and showed off to all my workmates) and I got five pound from Great Aunt Joy and ten pound from Nan. Beth was rather original creating a birthday card and envelope for me. Bless her.

I went into work to find Kat doing a rendition of "Happy Birthday Mister President" and then I was given a birthday card and a box of scrummy chocs (shared liberally of course!!). I hadn't even told them it was my birthday!! Really made me feel good. This morning was more learning and the afternoon was listening on phone calls (I was partnered with a man named John (he is a very senior call centre agent). It was interesting. Me, Ben, Fay, Becky and Emily went to Tesco's for lunch.

Despite my familys best efforts to the contrary, I have had one of the best birthdays ever. It's been so lovely. I wish every day could be like this (minus me coming home and being stressed out by these people).

OK Karen you want to know more about Ben? He is cute, quiet, shy, funny, playful, and polite. He will be doing a nursing course next year, and I think he is genuinely a very nice person, indeed.

Parents and kids really stressing me out today. Fuss, fuss, fuss. Oh well shan't let it get to me!! New and Improved Jason is far better than that!! Just to let you know I shan't be going out of my way to watch BB anymore. It smells. If you want to keep up to date just go to my links and goto Big Brothers site.

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