Wednesday, June 12, 2002

New and Improved Jason gets a New and Improved Life

I know I told you all here a few weeks ago I wouldn't mention a certain person ever again, but events have made me change my mind.

MT (from know on, to ensure I don't get flagged up by google again, known as MT) is a bloke I have had a bit of a thing for, for like my whole gay life. Well yesterday morning I received a text from Laura saying she had booked his holiday (Laura is a travel agent by the way). Of course I was dead jealous, and when me, her, Pete, Zoe and Chris went to the Ashford cinema to see the Time Machine we chatted about it in the car. So we went into the cinema (thanks by the way Zoe) and who should be sitting not two metres away? MT. So I spent half the movie staring, in a highly embarrassing way, at him. God he is so hot. I know I shouldn't fancy real life (as opposed to Dermot and Tom Welling) straight blokes but I can't help myself when it comes to MT.

The movie was great (in a highly entertaining but not artistic way). It spawned a dream involving me, MT, Dermot O'Leary, Dame Edna Everidge and a horse with a strong resemblance to Her Majesty. All in late Victorian dress. And no sex. Surreal.

In more amazing news, I have a JOB!!! I had to go up for an interview in Ashford today, Tony gave me a lift . Once there I had to do a few typing tests which I passed. I was informed I would be on the back up list as a girl was coming in to take the last place. Bugger I thought. The girl was someone I knew from Brighton!! But anyway as my train pulled up at Ashford International, I got a phone call from the nice interview lady (Tracy) who told me I had got the job. So I trudged back (passing the girl who I gave a sympathetic smile to) and signed some things. The train home was slow and filled with Americans.

I will be starting on Monday at 5 pound an hour, working at the Eurotunnel call centre (in the old Exhibition centre). Groovy.

Saw Zoe's sister Jody at the station and saw Zoe and her mum in Safeways.

Argentina and France are out of the world cup!!!! Britain and Ireland still in!! Sandy has run away from the Big Brother house in a daring/idiotic rooftop leap. Hoping someone cute replaces him.

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