Sunday, June 30, 2002

Mum On A Rampage

Mum got a new car on Friday as she starts a new job on Monday. She is very proud of it. Now it would seem George was throwing stones yesterday and one accidently hit mum's car. She found out today. She is in one of her moods (this happens every weekend) and has made George feel really awful.

It was when she said, "You never threw stones did you Jason?" to me in front of George that I went mad. I have more important things to do than put up with more of her silly mind games. I shouted at her, berated her, told her george hadn't meant to do it and to let it go!! My anger is increased ten fold.

While babysitting last night I went onto the gay chat rooms, places I haven't been in years. It's nice to talk with other guys about politics and sex etc. Calmed me down. Pride Season starts on the 6th with London Mardi Gras. Anyone wanna come to Brighton Pride on the 11th of August? All welcome.

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