Saturday, June 29, 2002

Jae Flips Out

I went shopping today with Chris, pete, John and Zoe where Pete got a brand spanking new phone, which is the exact one that Ben has. While purchasing aXm from WHSmith the cashier attempted to make conversation, but I blanked her, I had other things on my mind (more of which in a mo). Said cashier turned out to be the lovely Annie. Sorry Annie, really sorry. I really didn't realise it was you.

I can't sleep, I can't eat, I am in a really angry mood with myself. I even turned away a chinese take away, mum's clever effort to cheer me up. I think people should know me well enough by now to guess... Jae has another obsession. Ben. I am absolutely in a rage with myself for letting it happen, and am glad I won't be seeing him very often now as otherwise I would go mad with obsessiveness. Yet again I fancy the most unattainable man possible. So right now I am babysitting B and G in a really bad mood. Always my mind and heart set out to make life hellish for myself. Grrr...

Incidently Pete introduced me to a new spelling of Jay which I really like. Jae rules!!!

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