Thursday, June 27, 2002


Got 91% on my second test and then went live. Oh yes it is now just one day between me and proper work and just the lovely Becky for company. It will be sad. I mean I will still see the group, only far less frequently.

Today the customers were arses. My buddy was a lovely French girl called Reena. Everyone was complaining and miserable. Or just plain dumb. Oh well, Reena said it was just a bad day.

This morning we did a round of "what you doing tomorrow?" I simply mentioned that I wouldn't mind going to Skuba but doubted my friends would come.

Returning from my session on the phones Becky and Emily informed me that their (+ Ben) would be going to Skuba as well. I think it was just a passing thing, not really serious. But they are definetly interested. They will also being going down the front. I shan't as my mum is too (it's her leaving do for work), and clubbing with your mum is not my idea of fun!!

I say OK way too much on the phone it's reflexsive and I really need to stop it!! And today I was told I was the most talkative of the group.

Oh and before I forget I saw Elliot at McDonalds when I went there with Becky, Emily and Ben. Pete great idea about Skuba tonight!!

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