Friday, June 21, 2002

I'll Do Anything For a Mars Bar

Thursday was great. I did another buddy thing with John, I passed my test (100%), and we all moved to the computer training room and phoned each other up. Great fun. Becky and me spent much of lunch chatting, and Ben spent most of lunch time convincing her that if he "signed up" ten gay people he'd get a kettle. Loads of laughs when she actually believed him!!

I went out last night to Gees (band night, no Andy, Face to Face [really rubbish]) and the Leas Club (empty) with Chris, Zoe, Sean, Ellliot, John, Laura, and Pete. Not the best night, not the worst one either.

On the way home I bumped into a girl from work (she is 6'4") who accosted me (while drunk and good naturedly) for cigerettes, money and a quick shag. She got none. Her name was Rebecca and she spent Friday looking rather sheepish and apologetic!!

I was the only person from my team to go to work during the game (for £7.50 we could buy an hour and half "off"). So I was buddied up with Holly. She was lovely. One of our calls was a complaint (unfounded may I add) from a French man. Despite Holly being really nice to him he ended the call nastily with "And I am glad England lost!!" No need for that!! After the tears from some of Holly's team mates over the English defeat I rejoined my tardy group for another day of fun.

I had to wear a bright green top, get a new security card, and went to France. OK so to the Club Class Lounge which is technically on French soil.Oh and we all (minus Mat) went to the Leas Club for lunch. What Emily is to Ben, Becky is to me. We spent our time as we wandered round the terminal discussing cunning plans of avoiding afternoon lessons (all seemed to involve my untimely death/injury/embarassment). Then we discussed the perfect man, and then we kept phoning each other and attempting to book impossible combinations of shuttle. She is great and popular (she looks like Kylie). And Kat is a loon (in a really good way!!)

During our second break we were told Tom Cruise willl be filming at the terminal in two months!!! Me, Ben and the girls are well excited. Also Sarah (Lynn's boss) joined us for lunch. While looking at Ben's nice new phone she noticed his screen saver. A great, big cock. This was thus passed around the whole call centre much to me and Becky's amusement.

I will be dumping Stephen tomorrow. Becky promised me a Mars bar if I did. The deal is sealed.

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