Saturday, June 29, 2002

All Sobered Up

Time for a sober account of last night. Me and Pete went to Skuba as planned. Lee greeted us "Hello Ladies" and we had a nice time, with dancing lesbians, camp barmen and some really nice people at the bar who chatted to me when ever I went up there. This was quite often.

Becky, Emily and Ben arrived and we moved on to the Leas Club. Becky and Emily were already drunk, and i was well on my way there. Meet John in Leas. Becky and Ben kept asking me, quite cruelly, "where do you find your friends?", which I didn't justify with an answer.

I went to the loo and Ben went with me, to chat, he wouldn't let me leave him alone in there as straights scare him. Me and Ben with little regard for my mates, ran to catch up with the girls who were already well on their way down the hill to the clubs. I feel in a hole. Embarassing.

Ben couldn't get into the club because he was wearing trainers, and my interest in the night ended. Got really bored, and drunkenly angry. And John never did turn up all tho I waited up for him until 04:45.

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