Sunday, June 23, 2002

Two Weeks In Review

It has almost been two weeks since I started the great "New and Improved Jason Project 2002". The first stages are complete. I have a job. I have dumped Stephen. I am shedding the final remants of my shyness. Success!!

But still to come. Jason stops bitching and starts being ultra outgoing and friendly. Jason gets a whole new, cuter boyfriend. Jason expands his group of friends to include not only the nice Folkestone lot but a fair proportion of random bods (Pete I blame you for my use of the word "bods" :o) ).

I suspect many of you think I have a crush on Ben. I don't. What I have is an obsession with the fact that I have found a gay bloke who I am not going out with/shagging. It's great, I like it. Reminds me of Uni Zoe who I used to chat with. A feeling of utter openess (FLASHBACK: did I invent the word "backness" last night?) that I am only just starting to foster with the Folkestone crew. More gay/bi/lesbian friends per favor!!

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