Friday, June 14, 2002

I Hope This Feeling Never Ends

Still as happy as can be despite about twenty people asking me if I am "in a bad mood". This included the Co-Op lady, the Barber and Laura. Note to everyone, asking me if I am in a bad mood is more than likely going to cause me to get into a bad mood. :o) VH1 are having a Madonna Day today so I am very happy!

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my beloved Nan and to Big Dad for yesterday. They are 64 and 65 respectively. I hope Nan has a good birthday as this last year has been hard for her, giving up her house so that she can look after Little Tony (Melly's son and my favourite/most hated cousin depending on my mood). Stephen passed all his uni exams. Adam's University Challenge team won their first round, well done. This means he will be on TV twice. That's another party, guys. Who wants to come to Indigo on the 22nd, I have free tickets?

Tony went snooping in my room last night which normally would have got me depressed. Instead something unique happened. I got angry. For the sake of my continued residence in the house I withdrew to my room otherwise I would have started shouting and, far worse, swearing. I went down to Gee's with Pete for band night (Mental Floss, they were crap). On the way I had to aid some poor child who was really badly hurt after a cycle accident. Everything turned out fine thankfully. Then with Zoe we decided to pay a visit to Skuba (where there was recently a nasty incident involving a broken pint glass).

If at all possible, Lee seemed to have got camper. This time he was doing renditions of ABBA songs with added lyrics ("I've got an apple that needs filling" "There's not a penis out there"). He still calls me Steve, which is irritating. It was nice tho. Then we sat on the Leas Cliff Hall overhang and had a nice pleasant conversation before heading home.

Today I decided to get my hair cut (my hair had started to draw crowds of onlookers, you know, the ones who go and watch car accidents). Feels much better now.

I am going to be working for the "New Appointments Group" who have today been hounding me for references (I gave them four already!!). I don't control the lives of those I reference, so why do I get the stick when Debs and Leigh are in meetings?!

I was going to do an in depth investigation into how unhealthy my obsession with MT is. But found it so shockingly sad and obsessive I shan't be publishing it. Needless to say it borders on stalking and I need to STOP!!! ;o)

STOP PRESS!! Stephen's job in Heaven has not materialised he will be home this weekend!!!

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