Sunday, June 02, 2002


Happy 50th Year on the Throne Your Majesty!!

Last night I went up to Sarah’s house to "hang out". We watched Scary Movie, which was just hilarious. Then we went to pick up Pete from work and watched Big Brother (their "All Or Nothing" task was so easy!!!) plus a documentary about Queen (the band). Sarah’s cat Benny is so cute!!

Today I went down to the beach with mum to avoid the England match. Every house either had a Union Jack for the Jubilee or a St. Georges flag for the World Cup, some had both and one had an Irish flag and a Union Jack…. Interesting combination.

Anyway the beach was deserted despite it being the nicest day of the year. We laughed at a poster for a Jubilee Jazz concert in Hythe (I mean how silly…. This will become significant in a minute!!). Went home had a picnic, watched a new housemate (Sophie) enter the Big Brother house (God I am sure it gets worse each day). Then Pete and Sarah came round and we all went to…. The beach, nice and calm, then we went to a park where we sat and watched….. the Jubilee Jazz concert!!!! Plus we made daisy chains. Got home had a barbeque, went on a McFlurry run and so here I am!!! Busy day all in all…..

Big Brother really is crap. This year they just put a bunch of normal people in. That is not what we want to watch!!! Remember Penny? Brian? Anna? Marjorie? These weren’t ordinary people (okay so one was in fact a chicken but still….). ordinary people aren’t interesting!! As a fan of Big Brother since the very concept was created I am appalled at Channel 4. And Alex (or as Pete calls him “The Snow Queen” Why? Because he is so far in the closet he is in fucking Narnia [you see what he did there..])

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