Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Not My Birthday Day

Oh yes today is the day I was due to be born 19 years ago. As always I had to be arkward and arrived a week late (and it still took mum a week to think of a name for me). Which (Jason does a quick calculation) means I was concieved on the 11th September (oh dear...) 1982.

The last two days have had a eighties theme (Dave Lee Roth music videos, Masters of the Universe [Dolph Jungdren turned me gay!!], Adam Ant and Tiffany). I went out last night after being invited to 'Spoons by Elliot. Getting a lift with Chris and Pete I arrived to find Elliot wasn't there!! How rude is all I can say, Mister (or should that be Missy) Elliot.

In 'Spoons I hatched a "fiendish" plot to steal a Wetherspoons News until Chris pointed out that not only were they free, they had a label saying.. "Please Take One". Darn it, foiled. Zoe joined us and so we resumed the great Jaffa Cake hunt. This hunt is a tad dangerous. Last time I needed a rescue party (Chris) after I got lost in Tesco. Well we found them this time with no incidents, joy!!.

As we qued me and Chris chatted about Oujia Boards and how he would test them (by asking what the name of his grandma was something we wouldn't know). So I decided to guess. Long story short, in the end me, two cashiers and a large group of other shoppers had joined in the game. "Mildred?" "Mavis?" "Lynne?" We finally found out it was Elizabeth and we left happy having made some new friends.

After a brief trip to the beach and a nasty incident involving me, Pete, a back seat and a failed head first lunge into the latter, we all went home.

The poor side of the BB house ganged up on the rich and Jonny and Lee are up for it.Goodbye Lee.

I thought until last night that the West Wing was the best American drama ever. I was wrong. I am now totally obsessed with the drama "Six Feet Under" and the comings and goings of the Fisher family. Its on Channel 4 every Monday at 11 and repeated on E4 every Wednesday at 9. Watch it. I besiege you. It is the second best thing on TV (the British drama "Murder" is slightly better). Do it. I am one hopelessly obsessed fan. It is even better than the Sopranos!!
OK question of the day (just for fun I know the answer).... I remember this show involving two children and a magic man with a strange tuft of hair who lived in a windmill. Can you guess what it is?

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