Friday, June 28, 2002

TFI Friday

Surreal night last night. Check out Pete's Site for a blow by blow (no dirty thoughts please!!) account.

This morning I was paid and the evil cash machine let me have money!!!!!! Muhaha!!

I was buddied up with a lady named Jane in the morning, went to the Leas Club for lunch in Dave's car, then returned, gave Lynn a bunch of flowers, a card and a bottle of wine. I then joined my team and went LIVE on my OWN!!! Traing is now over, I am a big kid now. Had a nasty bloke on phone who made my life a living hell for 5 minutes. Bastard.

I am going out on a work night out tonight I'll probably be in Skuba if any one wants to join me. Phone me at home to arrange it if you know my number. All welcome!!

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