Thursday, June 13, 2002

Jay Kay does Romney Marsh without innoculations!

I went out with Sam last night to deliver Liberal Democrat newsletters to the villages of Newchurch and Ivychurch. Newchurch is a very strange village. The church hall is huge. It could hold a few hundred people despite the fact there can't be more than 70 people in the village! There is no pub. Most houses don't even have letterboxes! Ivychurch was more normal. It was bigger, livelier, and the church hall was appropriately sized. There was a pub. After we finished delivering the leaflets we decided to have a drink in the Bell Inn in Ivychurch. We went in. All 5 people at the bar went silent and stared at us as if they hadn't seen outsiders since the sixties. Probably haven't. It was a nice pub though. Afterwards we went and woke Pete up and took him to Gees. Sonia was barmaiding and she is always a good laugh.

Sam leaves for Camp America on Sunday! Adam is recording his University Challenge today. I will inform you all of when it's on so we can all have a good chuckle (in a nice way of course).

Is it time to stand up for myself?

"Everything is Everything,
After Winter, must come Spring,
Change will come eventually."
Lauryn Hill "Everything is Everything"

I haven't felt this good for just over four years. I have started writing stories again. I actually do stuff instead of sitting passively in front of the TV. Although, unfortunately, my parents continue to irritate me. I am giving them two weeks to change. Then I am going to sit them down and tell them how I feel. If, as is usually the case, they refuse to listen then they are in for a shock. I won't be taking any abuse from anyone any more. The government may take my rights away (that stupid new amendment to the Communications Bill and Section 28) but my parents should not. I want to be allowed to use my own account again. No filters. No time limits.

If anyone (Sarah) still wants to get a flat at the end of this summer I really am up for it now and we can start planning like yesterday!

Question of the day: How can anyone find Gareth Gates attractive? He looks younger than Aaron Carter, and he wears rubbish suits. Need I say more.

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