Saturday, May 11, 2002

When Harry Met Jay F Kay

So last night there was a little "do" round my place. After wandering town for supplies with Chris and Zoe, meeting Robin, Aaron and Annie on the war I returned home to prepare. Chris, Zoe, Laura, Elliot, and Sarah attended (bringing drink and food, my fav part!!). It was alright I suppose. After some drinking tired Sarah lead her troops (every one but me and Elliot) home. Me and Elliot stayed, watched some "Jet Li" movie and I went to bed late. V Graham Norton was actually quite good (it had Josh Harnett as a guest!! Cor!!) last night.

I awoke at 8 in the morning (ungodly hour) watched my usual quota of deaf programmes (my BSL is really coming on a way now) and SMTV, watched Supergirl (cute guy in that) and then Elliot left to go home. Within minutes Chris and Zoe asked if I wanted to go to town with them. We bought a replacement fish for Zoe to replace one that died. Its tentatively called Jay the Fish Kay (JFK) (I am so pleased!!). Her fish Harry seemed pleased to have a friend again.

In town we meet Sarah, did some birthday shopping for Zoe and saw numerous other people (Little Gem, Chris' entire family, Zoe's Gran, her sister Jody).

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