Wednesday, May 22, 2002

George Lucas Must Die!!

I went to see Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones last night. When I said I was really bored at the Scottish band the other night I was wrong!! Star Wars has been ruined it was boring, badly written, and not in the least bit funny. I will focus on the positive in a second but I want to say that not only was this one of the worst movies I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a few), it made a Phantom Menace look good.

The positives: the effects could not be faulted, the end scene involving Star Destroyers was cool, Yoda getting mean was brilliant. Oh, and C-3PO and R2-D2 were back together and almost saved the movie, until George Lucas wrote some really bad jokes. Needless to say I watched Return of the Jedi to remind me of why I loved Star Wars as soon as I got home.

My comments system will be online shortly. After sorting out the problems at netcomments I have to sort out some blogger problems. Sheesh!!!

I have got to go to Canterbury today. :-( Never a good idea I can tell you. Oh well I should be back by late evening.

To Annie, making your life more exciting ain’t easy. I really don’t know why you are asking me as my life is dead dull. But some tips: Do utterly random things every once in a while (and I’m not talking, drinking Pepsi instead of Coke here!!!). Go out whenever anyone invites you. Get involved in a new and crazy group of mates (I hear you know Kaz_Pixie2? Why not try her? Or join our group?) Get involved in a twisted love triangle. Or JUST BE YOU!! Why do you need to change>?!

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