Monday, May 20, 2002

Decisions, Decisions

Pete, although your idea to make this a place open to “abuse” by the likes of the Folkestone lot is intriguing, abuse of this site will be heavily frowned upon. I shall in fact become mighty angry over abuse similar to that which Elliot has reaped upon my map. This site is my little baby, its been going for like 9 months now and even if I stop posting I will keep an eye on it.

Mr. Creighton (will just call him Kryton from now on its so much easier) failed to call me on Friday, but as he doesn’t usually call me if there is nothing to report, I still have my fingers crossed for a satisfactory outcome tomorrow over whether or not Faulty Towers will reopen.

Am in a really nasty mood today. I spent the weekend either hiding in my back garden with my cats or shopping at Bluewater (I got a Danger Mouse beanie toy!!). I went to Bluewater with Debbie Debs. I’ve got the wanderlust again, the urge to go off exploring some forgotten part of the world (as Ray Mears Extreme Survival was on last night I have a “need” to go to the Australian Outback).

Talking of Aussie Land, my “auntie Chris” (she isn’t really my auntie just my mums best friend after Debbie Debs) announced the other day she would be leaving her kids, marrying some drunk and running off to Australia within one week!!!! My mum decided to tell me this only because we drove past Chris’ house in Chatham. Really didn’t my mum think I would want to know something so important about the mum of best friend so I can counsel him accordingly?

Oh and the uncle David and auntie Jill saga of December continues as they use their children to bitch fight. David has found a girlfriend, you see, which scappers Jill’s idea he would be back with her within six months. Currently he has taken refuge with nan and Little Tony in Snodland. I am the only other member of the family who hasn’t told him to go back to her (she is an overbearing, nasty cow who treats my beloved nan (and David) extremely badly).

Oh one last thing, while at uni, Uncle Derek has contracted scabies. Derek what have you been up to, huh?! :o)

Oh (really this will be my last oh!!) and the commenting system will return shortly just ironing out a few last minute chinks.

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