Tuesday, May 21, 2002

“Come on Amma!!” “Demons. I see Demons”

Big Brother 3 begins this Friday. The only rumours that I have 1) heard, and 2) substantiated at all, are that there will be a transsexual in the house plus a glamour model. Remember there are 12 contestants this time. But most importantly Dermot “Nice Arms” O’Leary returns to our screens!!!

I went out last night with Sam, Sarah, Pete, Chris and Elliot. Firstly we went to Wetherspoons which was, as always on a Monday, cheap. We got bored and via a trip to McDonalds, we went to the Leas Club. While Sarah, Chris and Elliot got their food me, Pete and Sam went on ahead. As we walked into the Leas Club a loud, unmusical tune struck up. Seeing men in kilts we strategically retreated back to the others.

We returned en masse and went in. For some bizarre, unknown, unfathomable reason there was a full on highland band!!! Bagpipes, drums, kilts, short people and terrible swear words. I have only rarely been as bored as I was just at that precise moment (I texted Laura and told her to send superman, a code for boring, or unfortunate situations). Elliot bought loads of drink and seemed to be settling for the long haul, which aggravated me more. While Elliot and Sam played pool, the rest of us escaped outside. Was cheered up by Chris’ “Spaced” impressions.

Things started looking up when Elliot came out and started throwing up. Now this was a night out, I thought!! We joined the Rude Boy car circuit around town, saw some illuminated cars and headed for the play park. In the play park it quickly became apparent that people were having sex. How stupid of them!!!! The play park is our place to go, they should of got a room!!

So we all went home happy anyway!!

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