Monday, May 27, 2002

Big Brother Bonanza

So little old unassuming me was sitting when I worked out that the amount of Big Brother search referrals to my site could increase traffic ten fold. Grrr.... first it was "Faulty Towers" now it's "Big Brother Alex Gay" or "Big Brother Sunita" I shall continue as normal regardless.

Sad News: Chris' house has been sold. :o( He will be leaving us in two months. Who will do Spaced impressions now?

I remember now why I was going to rant. I was reading some Christian Institute Documents about homosexuality (known thy enemy and know them well). Grrr.... May go insane if I read any more. To cheer us up I have refound an old link to a long running teletext service that I have been a fan of for years!!!! Ptext

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