Friday, May 24, 2002

Dermot O’Leary Day

The quiet tones of Madonna’s Ray of Light album, and the annoying sounds of Robert Kilroy Silk being homophobic wash over me right now. I am in a grumpy mood as despite seeing my old friends last week at the Black Bull pub I am still living in the past. I am also in what I like to call my “heterophobe” mood, not personally hating any individual heterosexuals out there, just hating a culture of thought I don’t like (old fashioned, if you are a modern thinking person disregard my mood)

My comments system is working. Yay!!

Big Brother 3 starts today!!!! Dermot O’Leary returns to E4 with his gorgeous smile and his lovely arms (I am a tad obsessed!!) to present BBLB.

I went out to Gees last night with Sam, Pete, Sarah, Chris and Zoe (who can now drive and has a car, well done!!). A couple of really cute guys were there. It worries me that I haven’t attempted to chat up anyone since January, have I lost the nerve? Andy was there and the band was Don’t Ask and they were very good.

Sonia came up to me last night and begged for me to apply as receptionist at the Hotel Burstin in town. Which I’ll do soon enough. Planning on going and visiting my old school with Sam today so that we can crash Mrs. Makepeaces last A-Level class of the year and steal some cake. Mrs. Makepeace may I add once said when told I had come out… “Oh so he has admitted at last has he.” She is rather astute for a RE teacher!!

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