Sunday, May 12, 2002

Peace, Quiet and the Real End of the Affair

I have been obsessed with MT for 4 years. It is time to stop. I have to move on from such a childish crush and so I bid farewell, he shall not be mentioned, stared at, or obsessed over by me ever again. Promise scouts honour, matey!!

I have finally found some peaceful, stress free time to actually do some worship. My religion has been on the back burner for a while as with my family here I have had difficulty practising. But this morning I awoke and decided to actually get out my Book of Shadows and do stuff. Wasn’t I good?!

Its Zoe’s Eighteenth Birthday today!!! Congrats!! All the fun things you can now do vote (well I think that’s fun!!), drink (legally that is!!), and get loans and stuff!

Currently I am watching round the clock Big Brother 3 audition tapes. That boy who was once a child prodigy in the antiques world who then had a sex change applied!! I just saw his video!! If I hear another bloody poem one, or someone saying “Pick me, please” I may go bananas. How sad am I for watching round the clock coverage of people who haven’t got on!!

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