Saturday, May 25, 2002

Who is in and who is out

Big Brother
Firstly my predictions, I believe Alison will, and should win at this point. She is a very lovely person. Jade should be voted off. She seems to have a brain the size of a petit pois. “What’s ‘Sparagus?”

Jonny - Don’t like
Lee – Seems moody
Sunita – Sassy
Kate – Don’t like her as the Sun does. (soon she will be called Big Brother Babe or something)
Adele – Have no idea
Spencer – Very quiet, always a bad sign may turn out to be like… Paul…. NO!!
Sandy – Down to Earth light hearted father figure
Alex – I think he is straight firstly, although cute and intelligent. Good friends with Sandy
PJ – Have no idea
Lynne – I like her seems like someone I would befriend.

OK am I the only person who couldn’t care less about sex in the house, the Sun makes out its all that matters. I just like watching them as they make friends and enemies. What do you think?

My last poll results were interesting:

6 of my readers (40%) are straight (yippee for them!!), 4 (27%) are very lucky indeed and are gay, 3 (20%) refused to be put in such arbitary categories, and there is one bisexual and a bicycle (7% each). What was intriuging about the poll is it showed I really don’t know my readers. Three times in a row polls have logged an average 14 people voting, and out of them half never make their presence known. So come on guys and girls come out and get involved. Try my new poll: who is your fav big brother contestant? After each eviction I’ll update the poll. Have fun!!!

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