Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Jason’s Update Special

Stephen: I had a really good plan. It involved him coming home for the summer, and then I could go see him and break up with him face to face without the need to be cruel. This plan was doomed from the outset. Needless to say Stephen’s got a job in a gay club in London and he won’t be coming home. And so I am going to have to wait until I have the money to go visit him to break up. I refuse to be cruel and break up with him over the phone or in an email. I have had some questions that me and Steve don’t act like boyfriends. It’s now mainly a long distance thing with lots of phone calls and stuff (joy…)

Jon: After Jon kind of declared his love for me I decided it would be best to avoid any sort of sexual atmosphere and just chat to him in phone calls. It has been easy as he has been busy in his job in London (a large computer related business). But a couple of days ago he phoned and said he could take a duvet day sometime this week and we could go for a picnic in Kearsney Abbey (a very nice park). He knows how I feel why won’t he take no for an answer? It’s not like I am Brad Pitt or something so why do I have obsessive stalkers?

Faulty Towers: I am assuming that the deal has gone not to Kryton but to the developers who want to turn it into flats. No big lose.

Mental Stability: For those of you who might worry about my mental state sometimes, I am surprisingly sane of late.

So me, Sam, Chris, Pete, Zoe, Elliot and Sarah went out last night to Wetherspoons followed by the Leas Club. Fun, except I meet James Dallison, never a good thing (he is a prick). And if any of you are serious about getting a flat I am up for it!!

I’d just like to wag my finger at those naughty people out there who are obsessed with searching for things like “Big Brother Sunita Transsexual” or “Big Brother Is Jonny Gay”. (That I assume would probably yield more results for the Aussie Big brother 1 which had a gay Jonny, didn’t it?). Tut Tut.

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