Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Big Brother Gets Going

Thank you Gert for putting me on your “Blog Roll”. Although auditioning blogs seems rather, and I am being truthful here, silly. Thanks to Matthew and Karen for your very kind and supportive words, I am in a more cheery mood today.

Why?, I hear you ask, because Sunita says she wants to leave the Big Brother house. No offense but since last night I don’t think she will cheer up any while she remains in the house. And I want someone interesting to replace her (Madonna anyone?). Jade, Adele, Spencer and Lee seem very close in a anti-Alison pack. Alex reminds me more and more of how I imagine (now bear with me here I love history and privately study gay history [yes I am slightly sad!!] ) Emperor Hadrian’s lover Atonius (I think that is his name I will check it out). I have seen some statues of Atonius (who hasn’t? Hadrian put them up all over the Roman empire) and he and Alex share a rather girly frame (may I add Atonius was 14, Alex is supposed to be a man). Alex is no man. He acts like he has “a rocket up his arse” as Adele said.

Fav man: Sandy. He is polite, down to Earth with a brilliant dress sense. The rest are all strange…

Fav girl: Alison, she seems so bubbly and my enemies (Jade’s) enemy is my friend. And I like Lynne too as no one else likes her. She is the only one who seems to act normally.

Is it just me or does everyone fancy everyone else in that house? And just how bitchy are they all? I haven’t heard so much bitchiness in BB since Brian and Narinder were split up!!!

Today I received a letter in the name of “Ben Cole” from Netscape Online. Gosh I haven’t used my alias in years!!! And where did Netscape get hold of it?!

V Graham Norton is still doing much better than when it started, Ruby is possibly the best morning show in history, and sadly life in the Edwardian Country House finished yesterday. It was brilliant reality TV.

Today’s Ruby left me pondering just how many people does it take to hang one piece of wallpaper?!

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