Wednesday, May 01, 2002

How things could have been...

Jehovah Witnesses have just visited. Every time they come round I instantly begin to question my life. I would so be a Jehovah Witness if I wasn't gay. And imagine how hard it would have been to slam the door on a six foot eight Jehovah!! Must think nice thoughts...

Guy was cute... must try to "convert" him. Praise the Goddess. Blessed Be.

There you go I feel much better...*runs off to read the Watchtower News*...Darn it!!

The pictures all look so nice and safe. Look a family reading the Bible. Two boys, heads bowed to pray, sitting in a cafe. Black, white and yellow living together in peace. And simply because of the way I was born I can never join them (I am a bit of a straight bloke in a gay man's body sometimes aren't I!!)

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