Friday, May 10, 2002

Graham Snorton

Graham Norton’s new show, V Graham Norton, is growing tiresome already. You know I love Graham but the shows are 1) too short 2) on so often his brand of humour becomes unfunny and 3) really stupid. Even Betty seems to be growing tired of it and his guests no longer look embarassed for themselves, they look like they are embarassed for him!! Poor Graham. Channel 4 redeemed themselves with the rather good Daisy Daisy. Twas about Daisy (a female version of Louis Theroux) entering a beauty pagent. Very funny!!! She is not afraid to poke fun at her subjects like Louis does.

Chris and later Zoe came round my house last night. Which was nice. I am still looking for that job. Mr. Creighton keeps telling me to wait for him to take over the hotel (otherwise he has to start from scratch without me as a guide!!)

Pim Fortuyn is buried today. The hot favourite for leader is black. Maybe things will turn ut alright in the end.

What songs am I listening to?: Adam and the Ants “Stand and Deliver” and Daniel Bedingfield “Gotta Get Thru This” (Do I ever not listen to this?)

What am I reading? Several Bill Bryson books all at once!!

What films do I want to see? Other than Star Wars AOTC I want to go see Y Tu Mama Tambien (a faint hope as Ashford cinema shows English and Indian, but not Spanish, movies…)

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