Thursday, May 09, 2002

Come on Baby Light My Fire

So Jon came round Tuesday night, which really messed up my plans to watch TV, and we were really determined to have a frank discussion about whether we wanted a relationship, what I was doing about Stephen etc. etc. But we ended up having sex. I know it was naughty!!

The new Will Young video for Light my Fire is surreal but its growing on me. Saw the new Eminem video for “Guess who’s back”. I can’t help finding him attractive, despite my better judgement. And as I’m talking about cute guys, Smallville was on last night. Watch this space for the Tom Selleck Appreciation Society!!!

I went round Laura’s on Tuesday as I was bored and we had a little gossip. Wednesday I couldn’t blog as Tony was in all day!!

The Family has gone to Cornwall until Monday!!! Joy!! There is to be a drinking session around my house on Friday, bring drink, music and videos. My DVD player is deaded so no DVDs. Arrive any time I am here all day!! All welcome.

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