Saturday, May 25, 2002

Latvia: 12 points!!

And its all over folks. Latvia won, they had a strong support here at the des-res. I loved the two cute guys. Well done to Jessica though. Good show!! Slovenia should have won though (did you know they caused a tax protest in their country!!).

Here are some quotes from my mums score sheet (we take eurovision very seriously here!!!) "Israel: No Points Until You Stop Killing Palestinians" "Latvia: I told you u her trousers were coming off" "Germany:Shoud be David Hasselhoff [popular in germany for some reason] probably was him actually. 12 points for the dancing." "Lithuania: I Love Terry Wogan"

Now can anyone decipher the code messages in the links this year.... "Anything can happen in Estonian Clubs"... now have urge to jump on a TGV and run off to the Baltic states!!

LOVE EUROVISION!!!! It rules!!

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