Sunday, May 05, 2002

Bank Holiday Weekend's Only Post

Some news I have forgot to mention recently:- 1) My mum has been accepted to a new job which doubles her salary to £50 000 a year. She is holding out accepting the job offer to see if she likes it.
2) Adam1 has been accepted on to the Leed's University Challenge team. Well done Adam1. Just don't do any William Hague Impressions okay? :o)
3) Zoe is going to see Westlife soon. Lucky cow!!!!
4) And Zoe you are right this website is now banned material at Folkestone School for Girls. Fame!!

I, like the BBC, was a bit premature in saying the BNP had won 2 seats. In fact they have 3(!). They must be fought on every level.

"We're right, and we're free,
And we'll fight, yeah, you'll see"
Twisted Sister, We're not going to take it

Saturday was good. I went home to Snodland for the first time in ages. Haven't been away from home for so long!! The Co-op had been moved, things looked much tidier than when I was last there. the crime rate is down for the first time in 20 years!!

We took Nan for a drive around the Weald of Kent (the most lovely place on Earth). In Snodland we visited the mysterious lake where Terrapins and American Bull Frogs live (rumour has it they are discarded pets that have multiplied out of control). Its a bit surreal there!!

Then up Seven Mile Lane (ah how good it is to talk of places of my youth!) we went to Brookside Garden Centre ("Our Jimmy!!"). I am always amazed at how comfortable English people are with the Latin names of plants.Tres Bizarre.

After that we visited a flower show in Birling (yawn). Birling is one of many lost communties, where people still go to church, never shop at supermarkets and leave the village only rarely. it is very scary meeting such people as they hate strangers!! The Weald may be beautiful but you don't stand a chance unless you speak like a Weald boy (a quality I still have!!). Without it you will be viewed with a deeply suspicious eye. Nan proclaimed it reminded her of the Midsomer Murders.

I went home watched TV. Then Jon came round we had some pints and fooled around a little ;o). He left to go visit his friends in Deal. I was persuaded by the freshly returned from France Pete to go to a "party" at Chris' house. It was fun, with Laura, Sarah, Zoe, Adam2 (the yummy one from last week remember?), Chris and Molly the dog (I'm not being cruel she is in fact a bitch, a female dog).

Got mighty drunk. :o) Not as bad as Pete though!!

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